Business Development Consultancy

If you are a start-up needing to attract new business or an existing organisation expanding into a new sector - we can be the driving force. Ruddy Nice has a large network and great reputation within the Aerospace Defence sector and Military Simulation and Training industry to be able to make introductions and attract your target customer.

The Process

Phase #1

Initial client meeting to help establish Business Development aspirations and goals.


Phase #2

BD strategy plan created, reviewed and approved by client for the next 6-12 months with key activities.


Phase #3

BD plan implemented, introductions made and potential business opportunities are realised.


Business Development Consultancy

Packages Include:

  • Strategic activities to connect with targeted individuals and organisations to drive business
  • Personal introductions to key individuals
  • Capability Days
  • ...and many more creative ideas!

Our Services Brochure

The Ruddy Nice Services brochure is available for you. Click on the image below to view or download.


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