Our Mission...

To be a driving force to strategically connect organisations in the Aerospace and Defence sector, lead the way with innovation, spark conversation to drive change, and empower businesses to grow.

The Ruddy Nice Story

Ruddy Nice was founded by Tess Butler after a varied career starting as a Russian & Soviet Studies graduate, working with the Royal Navy, as a Bid Manager, then as head of Joint Capability Business Development for CAE, as PR director for Bohemia Interactive Simulations, and an independent Military Consultant based in the Middle East.

On Tess’s return to the UK, and with this varied experience, she spotted a gap in the market for a bespoke Marketing and PR agency that specialised in marketing to Defence organisations with a focus on Simulation, Education, Technology, Innovation, and Wargaming.

Tess’s time working in Defence formulated a diverse network of co-collaborators enabling her to create and expand Ruddy Nice Ltd with a team of her own and a breadth of capabilities.

2015 saw the expansion of the Ruddy Nice client base and delivering high-quality, relevant events for the military, industry, and academia in the MS&T sector.

This led to the first DSET conference in 2016 and has grown year on year consistently to provide a community for collaboration and engagement throughout the year. DSET invests in technology, people and skills, and gives Military the opportunity to educate industry in a challenge lead approach.

And whilst many organisations might have tolerated the hybrid approach in recent years – we have seen it as a way to progress and grow. Leveraging it and using this capability to connect the DSET Community for the benefit of your business development and relationship with the Defence sector.

DSET 2022 was our best year yet with over 1000 delegates, across 32 countries during the 4 day event.

With even more savvy Defence marketing expertise and veterans with Military know-how, Ruddy Nice are a strong squad that make an impact for each and every one of our global Defence and Aerospace clients.

Our core values are what we live and grow by; Delivering a meaningful, collaborative, and inclusive environment that enables Military, Government, Industry, and Academia to drive change.

Our purpose is to provide an ROI for every organisation and individual that utilises Ruddy Nice Defence Media Services and participates in DSET. Be that professional development, lessons learned – and acted upon, contract leads, shared information, or new network and business opportunities.

To us, every single voice is valued, and we will continue to do our best to deliver a genuinely dynamic community, effective business strategies and worthwhile events to showcase your capabilities.


Ruddy Nice are constantly innovating, making events effortless, and connecting clients strategically with the Aerospace and Defence sector. We work with a variety of Defence clients from established global organisations to start-ups.

Doing PR with integrity, maximising visibility and making things happen for our clients.
There is always more to be done...


As founder of the Defence Women’s Action Board, Tess aims to directly address the challenges faced by women in Defence. Awareness is not enough, if we want to attract, develop and retain female talent in Defence, then we need to change for the benefit of all employees and service personnel.

Ruddy Nice actively engages with new talent from more diverse backgrounds, education, and ages, to answer existing challenges and provide future capability for the military, industry and academia.

How Ruddy Nice connects the Defence & Military Simulation and the Training community