Ruddy Nice Launches M&S Citizen Science Initiative

Ruddy Nice Ltd has been deeply involved in the Military Simulation and Training Industry for well over a decade, its founder, Tess Butler, CEO has worked for 25 years in Modelling and Simulation. We have observed the growing need to tackle ‘Big Data’ in this space and are launching the Defence Simulation, Education and Training Citizen Science Project.


We will be taking applications from Military, Industry, Government and Academia to run the Citizen Science projects over the next year where there is either a need to disseminate a large amount of data that can be unravelled or categorised by ‘many hands’ or where a large amount of data is required and the thousands of people in our community can provide that information.


NASA are fantastic proponents of Citizen Science, whether it is Cloud Spotting on Mars or Planet finding – it’s the power of many thousands of people contributing that is providing the answers.


Tess Butler, CEO, Ruddy Nice is passionate about providing genuine action and providing progression in this area, “We have an intelligent and vibrant community of over 10,000 that we need to harness the potential of. We have a brilliant opportunity to deliver answers and further the knowledge and delivery of Modelling, Simulation and Training in Defence. We also take our position of Innovation Partner of the new Defence Research and Development Centre at Oxford Brookes University very seriously, and we are working on more initiatives to crack the standard mould in MS&T”


Karl Kjelstrup-Johnson, a Programme Lead in the Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment at Oxford Brookes, and Director of Defence and Security at Oxford Brookes University (DASOBU), said: “We’re entering a new era of collaborative research, one that directly addresses the security challenges of our time. We aim to drive innovation that is not only cutting-edge but also practically relevant.





“The establishment of DASOBU marks a significant step towards Oxford Brookes’ goal of becoming a centre of excellence in defence and security research, setting a new standard for capability delivery, and impactful innovation in the domain.”





Ruddy Nice are exhibiting at I/ITSEC 2023 as the Ruddy Nice International Pavilion #2848 and are hosting 16 companies this year in a unique collaboration that showcases some of the best international talent. To find out more about the Citizen Science project and more, visit the pavilion or contact Tess Butler on


[email protected]


About Ruddy Nice

Ruddy Nice Ltd, was founded in 2010 to deliver marketing, PR, and business development consultancy in Defence, with a focus on Simulation, Education, Technology, Innovation and Wargaming.


2015 saw the expansion of the Ruddy Nice client base and delivering high quality, relevant events for the military, industry and academia in the MS&T sector. This led to the first DSET conference in 2016 and has grown year on year consistently to provide a community for collaboration and engagement throughout the year.



DASOBU consists of five core team members, as well as the Director, but will also be able to draw on expertise from across Oxford Brookes for specific research projects. The centre has been funded by the University’s Directorate of Research Innovation and Enterprise, and the Technology, Design and Environment Faculty.


The centre will be based in a brand new development at the University’s Headington Hill campus,  currently under construction, and due to be completed for the 2024/25 academic year. Researchers will have access to state-of-the-art technology including a robotics laboratory and Virtual Reality Cave, an immersive 3D experience that can be used to bring computer data to life.


For more about DASOBU contact Karl Kjelstrup-Johnson at [email protected]