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Tess Butler
Tess ButlerCEO
Tess has worked in Military Simulation, Training and Education for 20 years. A graduate of Russian & Soviet Studies, she first worked with the Royal Navy before becoming a fixture at a tank-park for a year trying to work out which media would enhance the training of arc-welding the bits of FV432s and her beloved motorbike. After a decade of trying to crack the code of MoD Requirements Documents as a Bid Manager and Business Development experiment, she became head of Joint Capability Business Development at CAE UK and worked on the central strategy board. 5 more years of working with more than 25 different militaries set her up nicely for a sojourn to the deserts of the Middle East where she worked independently as a Military Consultant to industry.
Tess headed back to the UK with 15 years of Military Training and Simulation (MS&T) experience to make posh jam….a year later she was hired as PR Director of Bohemia Interactive Simulations. 2015 led to expansion of the Ruddy Nice client base and the setting up of DSET. Running awesome and relevant events for the military, industry and academia in MS&T are her ongoing passions.
Tess’ hobbies include extreme basket weaving, running after an ever-active child and reading the small print on websites.
Louise Hart
Louise HartMarketing Director
Louise is a designer turned marketing expert with an emphasis on strategy and the power of social media to connect up the dots. She is passionate about making her client’s businesses thrive in the digital world and always pushing boundaries with creativity.
Louise has formulated strategic marketing plans to successfully grow brand awareness, increasing visibility for clients in their relevant market, generating excitement about products and services and making connections to meet the clients’ BD goals.
She also has a strong design background and vast experience working with B2B clients, which was honed whilst working for global design consultancy Atkins Ltd. Louise has delivered marketing strategies for interior design businesses within an international design consultancy. Her design project portfolio includes education projects such as multiple refurbishment schemes for the University of Exeter and defence projects such as the latest RAF Marham facilities and F-35 simulation spaces.
Creativity is something that drives Louise and is woven throughout everything she does. She is fanatical about healthy living and anything that enriches daily life. You will usually find her trying out different fitness or outdoor sports such as yoga, CrossFit or surfing and blogging about it.
James McGinn
James McGinnOperations Director
James is a British Army veteran. After completing his training with The Royal Armoured Corps in 1990, James joined his regiment of choice 4/7th Royal Dragoon Guards in Detmold Germany as a Chieftain Main Battle Tank Gunner. In 1992 his regiment amalgamated with 5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards to form The Royal Dragoon Guards where he served in various positions, including as Regimental Sergeant Major, and at external organisations including deployments to Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan. During his time at the regiment he was awarded the ‘Meritorious Service Medal’ for distinguished service and Commander Field Army ‘Commendation’ for his innovation and achievement in planning, executing and delivering a military simulation training centre in Catterick Garrison, UK.
After 28 years James left his beloved regiment as a Major, in the pursuit of new adventures. Soon after transitioning from the forces he was fortunate to work for a major water utilities company as Logistics Control Manager. Combining all of the qualities one might expect of a former soldier and officer; humility, drive, enthusiasm, professional effectiveness, an eye for detail, logistics and planning skills, it didn’t take long for him to achieve what he set out to do.
Enough of water and waste, and very proud of his team’s achievements, he left to further develop his skillset and work with passionate and like-minded people in the Defence Sector.
Keeping fit is something James is passionate about, an ageing long distance runner he has competed in multiday activities and ultra-marathons. If you can’t get hold of James he’s probably out running with his dog, but it won’t be long before he gets back to you.
Mark Mears
Mark MearsSimulation and Training Officer
Mark completed 24 years Colour Service in the British Army serving in the 1st Battalion The Royal Hampshire Regiment for 11 years and then the Small Arms School Corps. During his service Mark spent 7 years at the AFV Gunnery School Lulworth initially as a Schools Instructor and, on completion of his service time, Mark held the position of the Infantry Wing Sergeant Major. Mark saw the introduction into service of the Warrior IFV and its associated training devices and Small Arms Training Systems.
Mark entered into the Defence Industry in June of 2003 and started his career installing and training the Military and Law Enforcement customers on Simulated weapons training systems for Firearms Training Systems Ltd and progressed to becoming a Training Support Officer support the Tri-Service community
In 2007 Mark moved to New Zealand. During his time there, Mark was an employee of the New Zealand Defence Force and managed the Weapons Training Simulation System and trained the New Zealand Military on this equipment
In 2010 Mark returned to the UK became the Sales Manager for Military Virtual Systems business area covering the UK Europe for Thales Training and Simulation and Meggitt Training Systems. In September of 2016 Mark became the Managing Director of Meggitt Training Systems Limited who run the Contractual Logistics Support contract to support the UK MoD’s Dismounted Close Combat Trainer
Marks interests include, unsurprisingly, shooting, fishing and taking time out to ride his motorcycle.
Marion Bagshaw
Marion BagshawEducation Officer
After graduating in 1999, Marion spent 2 years in Japan teaching English as a foreign language in a small country town. After returning to England she completed Teacher Training in Oxford, she married and then moved to London and began her teaching career.
Marion has worked as a mentor for Newly Qualified Teachers to enhance their teaching methods as well as finding their own voice and style whilst presenting. As a European Modern Languages graduate, Marion not only enjoys the challenge of learning new languages but also the challenge of supporting others to work to the best of their ability.
After 15 years in the teaching profession, Marion has made the decision to use her organisational skills to support the Ruddy Nice Team and embark on matching Interns into the Aerospace Industry.

When not working at her desk, Marion is very keen on fitness and has benefitted from the Lockdown situation to improve her physical and mental health. A keen gardener, cook and countryside rambler in the summer months will find Marion pottering outdoors. Come winter you’ll be hard chased to catch Marion on the ski slopes in Austria.

Jamie Howard
Jamie HowardEducation Assistant
A major cultural shift in the Military approach to simulation and CGI technology means there’s now a significant cross-over between computer games and military training applications. No surprise then, that one of the newest members of the Ruddy Nice team joins from the world of computer gaming.
Jamie is a CGI graduate with an engineering background and experience in hands-on design and the creation of 3D assets for environments using industry-standard applications. He also brings a wealth of networking and organisational experience with him, having led several large, international online gaming and development communities for over ten years.
At college in Cambridge, he was one of the youngest people to have managed a small development team of coders and graphical artists and exhibited their own trade stand at E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo in LA.
He has worked with some big names in the computer gaming industry, assisting with the testing and production of promotional video content.
Starting life in Finland gave him an appreciation for saunas, strong coffee and Salmiakki Koskenkorva plus an international mind-set and the ability to network and cooperate with anyone anywhere.
He is a self-learner and gains new knowledge or skills rapidly, which is evident in how much he seems to have packed into his early years; a proficient skier, qualified scuba diver and kayaker, has piloted a glider, solo skydived, sailed, ridden motorbikes, skidoos and husky sled, and qualified as Young Leader in Sea Scouts.
He also has a passion for ancient history and what some may say, a tedious knowledge of military hardware.

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Kate Warner
Kate WarnerEditor-In-Chief
Kate has been helping her clients win more work for more than 15 years. She has diverse experience across a range of industries, including more than five years in military simulation.
Kate is our resident wordsmith. She helps our clients craft and communicate winning value propositions. She is an accomplished copywriter and proposal writer, and renowned for her easy-to-work-with style.
As an Australian, Kate is a bit of a dag. Albeit, an articulate dag. She loves letting her hair down when the occasion arises, and isn’t afraid to be herself at work. We love her, and we’re sure you’ll love her too!