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Tess Butler
Tess ButlerCEO
Tess has worked in Military Simulation, Training and Education for 20 years. A graduate of Russian & Soviet Studies, she first worked with the Royal Navy before becoming a fixture at a tank-park for a year trying to work out which media would enhance the training of arc-welding the bits of FV432s and her beloved motorbike. After a decade of trying to crack the code of MoD Requirements Documents as a Bid Manager and Business Development experiment, she became head of Joint Capability Business Development at CAE UK and worked on the central strategy board. 5 more years of working with more than 25 different militaries set her up nicely for a sojourn to the deserts of the Middle East where she worked independently as a Military Consultant to industry.
Tess headed back to the UK with 15 years of Military Training and Simulation (MS&T) experience to make posh jam….a year later she was hired as PR Director of Bohemia Interactive Simulations. Joined by Sadie in 2015 led to expansion of the Ruddy Nice client base and the setting up of DSET. Running awesome and relevant events for the military, industry and academia in MS&T are her ongoing passions.
Tess’ hobbies include extreme basket weaving, running after an ever-active child and reading the small print on websites.
Sadie Lockett
Sadie LockettEvents Director
Sadie has been working in the defence related Events industry for almost 15 years. Delivery driven, and one that enjoys finding solutions, Sadie will take you from an original stand design to enjoying an event packed with happy clients and interested future ones. Years of experience on the organiser side of events provides Sadie with a unique perspective on events, and is just as happy managing sponsors and exhibitors as she is representing them.
Following a degree in English Literature, Sadie managed the protocol activity and corporate sponsors at the world’s largest military airshow, RIAT. From there Sadie joined Clarion Events in 2008 and strengthened her breadth of defence and event knowledge by working on both ITEC, (Military Training and Simulation) and UDT (Underwater Defence Technology) as Sales Manager and in charge of their VIP and Military Engagement. In January 2015, Sadie joined forces with Tess to create the team at Ruddy Nice.
A strong network of military, industry, association and media contacts has formed her bedrock for defence sector event management, PR and Marketing delivery. Sadie is passionate about delivering excellence to her clients in whatever their aims may be.

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Kate Warner
Kate WarnerEditor-In-Chief
Kate has been helping her clients win more work for more than 15 years. She has diverse experience across a range of industries, including more than five years in military simulation.
Kate is our resident wordsmith. She helps our clients craft and communicate winning value propositions. She is an accomplished copywriter and proposal writer, and renowned for her easy-to-work-with style.
As an Australian, Kate is a bit of a dag. Albeit, an articulate dag. She loves letting her hair down when the occasion arises, and isn’t afraid to be herself at work. We love her, and we’re sure you’ll love her too!
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