Launching the Serious Games, Simulation and Wargaming Centre

The Serious Games Showcase and Challenge Europe has a new home! Announcing the launch of the Serious Games, Simulation and Wargaming Centre in Salisbury, UK.

The new centre is a 2,000 sq ft facility just a 10 minute walk from Salisbury Train station in the UK. Designed to be a physical and virtual hub to bring together talent from around the world in Serious Games, Simulation and Wargaming development and innovation. Ruddy Nice Ltd have launched the initiative after years of being in the industry to answer the need for co-ordination, coherence and promotion of Serious Games, Simulation, and Wargaming, and all of their uses, globally. 


The SGSW Centre will be the new home for;



What this means for each organisation:

Serious Games

Tess Butler, CEO, Ruddy Nice tells us more; “The use and development of Serious Games is well established, however the industry and provision of innovation in this space is widely disparate. The value of serious games are amazing in both learning, and research and experimentation. This opportunity is going to be open to all that wish to collaborate to further the proliferation of Serious Games, create an innovation hub and educate young talent to develop and use Serious Games for education.”


The Serious Games, Simulation and Wargaming Centre is designed to bring together multiple communities to share best practice, technologies and drive a thriving industry with academic partners. 


Our first Education and Academic partner is Oxford Brookes University who have just launched their new Analysis, Modelling and Simulation course (to be delivered at DSET 2024). Ruddy Nice is the innovation partner for Oxford Brookes’ new Defence Research and Development centre (DASOBU), and together we have exciting initiatives and opportunities planned for the future.


ETSA will also take up residence at the centre and provide a hot-desking and meeting room facility for ETSA members – this is the first physical home for ETSA after 17 years of operating. With a renewed purpose, ETSA is looking to deliver more benefits and value to all of its members Europe-wide.


Karl Kjelstrup-Johnson, Oxford Brookes University, “Oxford Brookes are excited about the prospect of such an innovative initiative to focus on Serious Games and SImulation. This offers a unique opportunity to bring together Military, Academia, Industry personnel to unlock the potential that would traditionally have barriers to entry. With this we are widening participation and facilitating capability delivery.”


Wargaming may be ‘in-vogue’ right now but modern, professional wargaming has been around for 200 years. The Wargaming Centre will provide a new home for Fight Club International who’s mantra is ‘Think, Fight, Learn, Repeat’. We are committed to developing talent for now and the future, therefore the centre will promote, host and educate the widest audience with the aim to develop courses and training opportunities for those just starting out to those with 30 years experience!


We are thrilled to announce that we will be doing this in conjunction with Kings College London, who have a wonderful track record in Wargaming Education to Masters Degree level. We also invite any education organisation to collaborate in both education and research.


Col Arnel David, US Army, “The time is ripe for a cutting-edge gaming and simulation centre. This new space will be a hub for Fight Club members to hone their skills through hands-on repetitive practice. Crucially, it will be the first accessible, unclassified location where individuals can learn, gain certification, and unlock the power of gaming and simulations for professional advancement.” 

What will the centre offer?
  • A permanent or hot desk facility for Serious Games, Simulation and Wargaming organisations, and individuals
  • A training room with equipped simulation and wargaming software
  • Bookable meeting rooms
  • An unclassified game design, testing and wargaming area
  • An in-person networking hub
  • A thriving and lively environment for the community to collaborate and innovate together
To become part of the thriving community at the hub, email [email protected]